Never Forget the Lives You've Changed in 2017


In more ways than one, this prior year has been one of the most impactful years for our foundation. 
Through the support and contributions of our Sponsors, Partners and Volunteers we have fed over 3,400 people and provided more than 1,500 hygiene kits with toiletry items to individuals.  We have also given nearly 600 hours of combined community service to the city of Atlanta. In addition to providing supplies and services, with each resource provided our organization has handwritten more than 3,200 love notes with encouraging messages and affirmations to people which reiterate the sentiment that those in need are loved and not forgotten. As small as this gesture may seem, our volunteers have observed first hand the tremendous impact that the love notes have on those in their darkest moments of despair. Such experiences, although difficult to fully capture and express in words, have proven to be invaluable.

And although Perfect Love Foundation has been graced to accomplished a lot this past year and has managed to assist thousands of individuals, there is much more work to be done. Looking forward at the upcoming year, our organization has established core objectives to further our message of creating hope and provoking others to love. In 2018, our goal is to raise a minimum of $230,000 to expand our programming and outreach efforts. Accordingly, we will provide more community activities, children programs, family workshops, overseas mission trips, and much more. We understand however that each of these initiatives will only be made possible through your support. Here’s how you can help.

There are four ways to get involved. The first consideration is to become a member of Heartbeat, our Digital Partnership Program, in which for as little as $20 a month, you can assist in making a difference. Another option is to become a Corporate Sponsor and join organizations from around the world who have chosen to assist Perfect Love in its mission to create hopeful futures. We have four sponsorship tiers: Bronze ($1,000), Silver ($5,000), Gold ($10,000) and Platinum ($20,000).  You can also get involved by committing your time and joining our extraordinary Volunteer Teams which serve as the hands and feet of our organization in the field. The last service option is to participate in the donation process. From blankets, cases of water and hygienic items to lightly and gently worn clothing, Perfect Love receives tangible donations all year.

Each donation counts and assists someone in need. Rest assured that when you donate to Perfect Love, an overwhelming portion of funds received are directly allocated towards programming and outreach. We happily acknowledge that in 2017, more than 90% of all received donations were allocated towards outreach while less than 10% went towards administrative and operational costs.

As a compassionate person, you no doubt understand the great sense of urgency at hand and need for solutions to problems around the world. With every fading moment that goes by, there is someone going without. Collectively we must do something.  The time is now and we do have the ability to make a difference. The changes we want to see and the changes that so many people are depending on starts with a decision to get involved and to do it now.

It’s simple, our passion as an organization is people and we are firmly committed to bettering our communities. We, at the Perfect Love Foundation, look forward to making an even greater impact in 2018 because of you.  We sincerely thank you in advance for your generosity and joining us in the fight to create hope and to provoke people to love.

With Warm Regards,

Taos Wynn, CEO
Perfect Love Foundation


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